New 500X/1000X/1600X Usb Digital Microscope Camera Led Electronic Professional Mount+ Tweezers Magnification Glasses Desk Loupe


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New 500X/1000X/1600X Usb Digital Microscope Camera Led Electronic Professional Mount+ Tweezers Magnification Glasses Desk Loupe

  • Magnification Ratio: 500X – 1500X
  • Drawtube: Monocular
  • Material: Plastic
  • Theory: Biological Microscope
  • Model Number: 500 or 1000x
  • Features: High Definition,Handheld,Portable,Digital

500X/1000X 8 LED Electronic Microscope Digital Microscope Usb Professional Mount+ tweezers Magnification Measure



Weight: 245g

Magnification Ratio 40X to 1000X

VIEWABLE AREA: 0.5 x 0.6 mm

Lens distance objects’ surface 3-4 mm range

Light source 8 LED (adjustable by control wheel)

Fixed base: Metal bracket

System support: Win2000/2003/XP/Win7

resolution: JPEG1600x1200(2m), 1280×1024(1.3m), 960, 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480,352×288, 320×240, 160×120.

New import chip: Send lifting bracket for operating more convenient and accurate (The bracket can rotate 360 degrees)

Note: It can not adjust the magnification but it can adjust the optical focus

Dear friend,

Pls download the driver from the WEBSITE(Please ask us)

And then do as follows:

You find that the program and the measurement worked when you ran as administrator it would then load. Also the camera worked when used as admin. You needed to put the scope very close to the specimen and try to move the dial very slowly to focus, it tends to be hard to turn and the stand is loose so you have to play with it quite a bit. To put some tape or something around where the stand snaps in to try to hold it tighter and also considering screwing the stand to a board.

 Package Included:

1 x USB digital Microscope with USB lead

1 x Metal stand.

1 x CD





usb digital microscope

1 confirmed case of multiple work: first microscope adjusted to the appropriate multiples, and then by adjusting the working distance microscope stand to adjust the closer working distance (between the microscope and the object the greater the ratio, the farther the contrary multiple smaller working distance ) first artificial coarse, transferred about locking screw when clear, and then fine-tuning adjustment bracket clearest tone microscope that Face

2, confirmed the case of working distance: direct regulation microscope multiples above the surface can be transferred to a clear (in the case of a working distance corresponding to a multiple of)

Latest 50-1000 times continuously adjustable zoom USB electron microscopy, high-definition display beyond all similar products, using imported Korea Dayuan professional microscope head, looks more transparent real. Incidental Chinese, English multi-choice measure operating software + 8LED high lamp life! !

The microscope is mainly used for: insect observations (such as ants, parasites, etc.), collection tool, children explore, circuit board testing, ore, hand antiques, antiques, stamps, ancient coins, paintings,, cloth detection, skin, precision items etc. amplification and measurement, take pictures, share and explore dedicated handheld electronic magnifier, digital microscope

Please note the time of purchase: If your computer has a built-camera (such as laptops), and that the product is no way to measure software may be used only with video software for viewing (only zoom, video camera). External camera, unplug the camera can be used normally measure the software

The latest software, the perfect support for the latest WIN8, WIN7 system (need to install driver), XP or less without driver, (Andrews and Apple systems is not supported Note)







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